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I am passionate about a positive birth experience, and am committed to making every woman’s birth the best that it possibly can be. I strive to ensure women, and their birth partners feel confident, and knowledgeable and therefore empowered throughout their pregnancy and birth, and into parenthood. A positive birth experience has a profound effect on maternal mental health, a fact which resonates with me, and drives me to want to make Hypnobirthing available to all women, everywhere.

What is Hynobirthing?

I started Devon Hypnobirthing to share my knowledge of Hypnobirthing and its benefits in my local area, where I grew up and now bring up my own children. Hypnobirthing classes with Devon Hypnobirthing will provide you and your birth partner with a full antenatal course; a broad range of information about labour and birth, as well as all the techniques, skills and knowledge you will need to take full control of your birth experience.

You will finish the course prepared and confident that you have all the information you need to have a calm and positive birth. The course is taught in a practical way, and couples are encouraged to practise at home, and share their experiences during classes to really get the best possible outcomes from your classes. And whilst I can never guarantee that your birth will be straightforward, or go exactly as planned,  with Hypnobirthing, you will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your birth experience the very best that it can be.

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